The value of photography to PR

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes, but it is isn’t it?

When trying to get a story published, whether it be in a newspaper or magazine, a picture is worth its weight in gold.

For an editor who has to fill space on a paper, to one that has to sell magazines, a picture can make or break a story. Given the choice between one article which is accompanied by a picture to one that isn’t – you can guess which one will be published.

But you must remember the quality of a picture is crucially important, we aren’t talking about pictures for the family album here. During my reporting days any picture that was sent in was greatly scrutinised.

If it was blurred, out of focus, looked boring or anyone was facing away from the camera it was immediately scrapped.

In fact we chose stories that weren’t particularly good just because the picture was!

It is very important to ensure you are taking and using good quality pictures. This is about image, and your image, after all.

It is therefore worthwhile investing in someone who knows their stuff, paying for a professional photographer may seem a waste when ‘you could do it yourself’, but the publicity you will gain will be returned tenfold.

So are we ready… strike a pose!