Remembrance Day cards create lasting memories

BrythoniumThis 11th November, ex-service personnel are being encouraged to not only remember, but share their memories for future generations with a special set of cards launched to support this year’s Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.


A special pack of ‘Family Legacy’ cards, made of archive quality paper, has been created to help people with wartime or Forces memories capture their stories for future generations.


Kevin Forbes North Wales community fundraiser for the Royal British Legion said: “I know a lot of veterans from World War II and Korea who do not want to talk about their experiences.


“The beauty of these cards is that they are a way of leaving a record of what they did, even though people may not want to discuss it.


“My own father was a Japanese prisoner of war and he never spoke about it, so there is no personal record of his experiences to pass on to future generations.”


The Poppy Appeal Pack includes four cards, each with a thought provoking cover designed to rouse memories, focusing on early life and schooldays, adult life and the lives of past generations of the family. The card called ‘Courage’ is included to record wartime memories past and present, whether from active service or from the perspective of the family left at home.


The innovative fundraiser is a partnership between the Royal British Legion and Llangollen-based Brythonium, who design and create Family Legacy Cards.


Brythonium director Dawn Roberts said: “The cards are designed to enable people to briefly write down their memories and experiences.


“Each card has three lined pages, so that there is enough room to capture a memory. They are also made from archive quality paper, which means that once written, they can be kept for at least 200 years.”


The Poppy Appeal cards may be purchased individually or in gift sets at Each of these special cards sold will generate 50p for the Poppy Appeal.