Small business PR: The power of mobile

Killing the best part of an hour in Crewe Station after letting the ‘train take the strain’ on the day of the iPhone 5S and 5C launch, was a great lesson in why Apple profits are growing.

Looking around the waiting room, all but two fellow travellers were on their iPhones (or iPhone looky-likeys). None of them were making a call, rather they were texting, playing games, answering emails, reading, tweeting, Facebooking, checking apps, surfing, listening to music and probably many other things I have yet to learn an iPhone can do.

Three people weren’t connected: one was doing the Daily Mail crossword, another was reading a novel, and the third was me – and if I’d not dipped under 20% battery power after a busy day texting, phoning and emailing on the run, I’d not have been in this category.

It was a stark reminder not just about the market power of Apple, which is something to behold, but the way people gather and seek information now.

Without doubt the fact that iPhone 5C and 5S launch sales were almost double what they were in 2012 for the iPhone 5, speaks volumes about Apple’s marketing and ability to create bewitching products customers will literally queue for days to get their hands on. It also tells us how much we love getting information this way – mobile, multi-channel, on demand, where we want it, when we want it.

For businesses that want to communicate with their customers, it’s a further reminder that relying heavily on any one media just won’t cut it anymore.