Meridian Drilling completes landmark Allana Potash project

UK and Dubai headquartered Meridian Drilling is looking forward to fresh challenges after concluding its four-year involvement with the Allana Potash project in Ethiopia. The project saw Meridian Drilling complete 25,000 metres of drilling; operating two Atlas Copco CS14 wireline drilling rigs for 24 hours a day in the harsh and remote Danakil Depression. Starting in 2009, the contract was ... [More]

New rig for Meridian

Fast expanding UK and Dubai based Meridian Drilling has added a new rig to its fleet. The Beretta T44 rig will be deployed in Ethiopia, where it will be used on the potash project Meridian is working on – Allana’s potash project. The rig, which has adjustable tracks for restricted access and a silenced engine, has a rotation speed of 0 – 352rpm and a drilling diameter of 258mm. During ... [More]

Meridian breaks new ground with vegetable-based drilling fluid

An innovative new vegetable-based drilling fluid, developed by Meridian Drilling and Morrison Muds, promises an environmentally friendly alternative to hydrocarbon based fluids. The specialist fluid was developed for drilling highly soluble potash salts and other problematic strata and has none of the disposal issues of hydrocarbon-based muds. It can dramatically improve core recovery and hole ... [More]