Exploration drilling on the Sintoukola potash project wasn’t without its challenges for Meridian Drilling. Elemental Minerals’ ongoing project, in the Kouilou Province in the south west corner of the Republic of Congo is a high grade potash deposit of global significance. However, the nature of deposits at the site meant that it was not a straightforward drilling operation. In addition to ... [More]

Meridian takes on the challenge in Congo

It was Meridian’s experience with potash that led Elemental to first call on their assistance in May 2011. With their experience and expertise, Meridian’s drillers were able to meet the challenge, operating three rigs on the project. These include two top drive rotary rigs – one Superock S5000 rotary, and one Gemsa MP1200H multi-purpose rig – for large diameter mud drilling in the top hole ... [More]