About Accord PR…

We help you build the kind of profile that opens doors for your business.

As a team of experienced former journalists, it’s our job at Accord PR to help our clients make the news and build the kind of profile that opens doors for their business.

There’s a myth that journalists are only interested in bad news. The truth is that, like any good business person, they are very aware of their market. They want a story that interests, engages and resonates with that audience.

We understand that because we have been in their shoes and we use that knowledge to create quality coverage that builds trust and opens doors for our clients.

Yesterday’s news is no longer tomorrow’s chip paper.

The way we get information and news has changed. We are active seekers, not passive receivers. The media has never been more complicated – online, offline, social and broadcast. For small and medium-sized businesses this complexity means greater opportunity. More media = greater demand for more newsworthy stories.

Thanks to the Internet, today’s news is also tomorrow’s news, and the next day’s. It exists online for the duration.

Stories on genuine news sites also rank highly on Google and as more people search for news and information, positive news stories about your business can create a lasting impression, over and over again.

In short, news coverage can be your secret SEO weapon.

Accord PR takes a multi-channel approach, using online and social media channels as well as traditional magazines and newspapers.

We work with small to medium sized, owner managed businesses often, but not exclusively, in a business-to-business market.

We help those businesses create a widespread reputation that builds trust to ultimately boost business.

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Together, we can help your business achieve, build and maintain the outstanding reputation it deserves.

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