Integrated PR…

Having a strategy is the key to making sure the public relations methods you employ, work for your business. With clear aims and objectives as its starting point, a PR strategy sets out a vision of what your business story or messages are, who you want to reach and how to do it. It’s a business-focused approach that allows for smarter evaluation at the end of a campaign.

As part of this strategy, Accord PR uses a multi-channel approach to public relations, for the simple reason that the way we receive information is changing. Newspaper sales are declining, while there is a greater demand for information on the move. As consumers we piece together information from a multitude of sources to get the full picture.

The internet has revolutionised our access to information, how we want it, when we want it, meanwhile social media has given us a whole new ability to network and connect with people. It’s exciting, it’s on demand and it’s growing.

For business this means there are more opportunities to reach customers and stakeholders, each bringing a section of people into the picture. It also makes for a complex and potentially disjointed picture.

Accord offers Integrated PR services. This multi-channel approach uses:

  • Traditional media
  • Digital media
  • Social media
  • Community investment/ events

Using an integrated approach to PR puts all the pieces are in place to ensure that your stakeholders get the full picture. Appropriate channels are selected according to your business needs, to engage the people you need to reach. This integrated approach has many benefits, it not only ensures that you are covering more bases, it also offers more return on your investment. It is a way of making sure the information your story hits as many channels as possible.

Together we can put your organisation in the picture.

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