Community Investment Programmes

If you are in business you are probably already helping your community, often without too much thought and very little fuss. Perhaps it’s a helping hand to a community concern here or there, offering expertise,  a donation to a good cause or a sponsored event?

Helping the community within which a company operates makes good business sense. It can enhance reputation, build profile and help to create valuable connections. In some cases, it can even save a company money.

However, a community investment programme needs thought. Ally it to your business goals or ethos, think about who your stakeholders are and what will help you reach out to them. Thought will help you turn a sponsorship deal here and there into a strong community initiative that brings dividends in many ways.

Accord PR can help businesses invest in the community in a smarter way. We can help integrate this into a larger public relations plan to build an organisation’s reputation.

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