Newsletters and e-newsletters

A newsletter can help a business reach clients, potential customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. It can help keep people informed of what’s important in your business. It could be special offers, latest news, promotions, case studies or an update on business growth. It keeps your business name in people’s minds and on their lips.

In this age of social media and RSS streams, a newsletter may seem an old fashioned way to keep people informed about your organisation. However, a newsletter can help you talk about your business in a way a 140 Twitter feed can’t.

If you choose an e-newsletter, sent straight to the recipient’s inbox, if it is well-worded and designed it can generate traffic to your website and raise awareness of what you do and why you do it well.

Professionally written and designed newsletters can be a key feature of an effective public relations strategy, helping you to keep the people who matter, informed about your business.

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