Public relations for the SME

“There Is Only One Thing In The World Worse Than Being Talked About, And That Is Not Being Talked About.” Oscar Wilde


PR coffee

If you are a business owner or working for a small or medium sized business, and are contemplating public relations for the first time then, done correctly, PR could be the rocket fuel for your business.


While PR is regarded as essential for larger businesses, but SMEs often have the most to gain from a good public relations campaign.


For most small or medium sized businesses there comes a time when word of mouth stops working (or word isn’t spreading fast enough), the prices can’t be lowered (again), another business offering similar products opens or your current advertising or other marketing methods reach a plateau.


While PR isn’t a panacea for all business and marketing ills – you can’t replace a salesperson with a press release – it is an incredibly important part of any company’s marketing arsenal.


You can use PR to build trust, recognition and – importantly for smaller or newer businesses – make you look different and stand out from the competition. Coverage in the right media can also make an organisation look larger or more established. It can also help to build the credibility and reputation that makes price less of an issue. It can also make the telephone ring, website traffic increase and build enquiries.


To help clarify this point, consider a time when a potential customer came to you because they had heard about your business in a positive way. Now ask yourself, how much easier was the selling process in that scenario?


It’s important to acknowledge that PR can’t be your entire sales funnel, however, it can be an important part of it.