The secret to creating a killer newsletter

newsletterDid you ever had friends who did nothing but talk about themselves, and were always bragging?

You notice I speak in the past tense there, while I’m guessing the answer is yes, I would also guess that that person is no longer a particularly close friend?

I’m no mystic, that behaviour would bore the best of us, however, when creating customer newsletters, so many businesses fall into the trap of becoming that boring friend. The newsletters are full of stories about that business, its staff, its targets, its wins and little all else.

Newsletters are about building customer relationships, and like your favourite friends, should be entertaining.

While the wins, the celebrations, the expertise is important, a great newsletter needs to save itself from the small round ‘filing’ cabinet by having a mix of content that will be of direct interest to the reader.

To create a killer newsletter, you need to keep in mind that it is about content that interests the reader rather than you.

It shouldn’t all be a hard sell, create content that educates, informs and entertains as well, and the next time you visit your client or customer, it may well be sat on their desk, rather than under it!

If you are in B2B and not sure if this applies to you, it’s worth considering that businesses buy nothing, but their directors and staff do.