Teacher’s mission to hook students on to Maths exam success

With exam season looming, a Ruthin teacher is promising to achieve the near impossible and make Maths revision not only straightforward but fun.

All of Dominic Oakes’ latest tranche of A level students achieved A*-B grades. And with small-group sessions, personalised and targeted teaching, he argues that nearly all pupils can achieve Maths exam success.

Dominic said: “It can be hard for every student to get the attention they need to flourish in a class of 30-plus pupils, no matter how good or committed the teacher is. Tutoring and small classes give greater opportunities to focus on the individual and meet their learning needs.”

He is now taking names for a new set of revision classes, based in Ruthin, these will involve small groups focussing on GCSE and A level exams.

With 25 years-worth of teaching experience, Dominic first started tutoring aged just 18, when he was employed to help a student who had been demoted from an ‘O’-level class to CSE.

Dominic said: “I worked with him to find what made his understanding of the subject ‘click’, and that was it, he was hooked into Maths again and promoted back up to ‘O’-level.”

And Dominic was hooked into tutoring. All these years later, having worked as an educational consultant in the UK and Europe and headed up a number of school departments across England and Wales, Dominic is returning to that initial passion, offering individual tuition and small group teaching sessions.

He still believes in making Maths relevant and finding that hook into learning.

“For a long time I’ve argued that you should do away with Maths lessons in schools, instead we should have numeracy and problem solving,” he said. “If you tell students that they have a lesson of Algebra, their shoulders drop, tell them they have a lesson of problem solving, then their faces light up.

“I built a shed using Pythagorus’ Theorem. Learning is all about passion, relevance and enjoyment.”

Dominic will be offering intensive, small group GCSE and A level revision classes in Ruthin in May and June. They cost £50 for each 5-hour session and numbers will be limited to 12 per class.

He also offers one-to-one tuition in Maths and Physics and plans to hold “Love Maths” sessions for more able Maths students and interested adults in the summer term.

For more information go to: www.oakestutors.co.uk or email office@oakestutors.co.uk.



Dominic Oakes is a qualified teacher with 25 years experience. Living near Ruthin he has studied at Cambridge, Warwick and Nottingham universities. He is CRB checked, holds a BA(Hons) in Maths and a PGCE.