Meridian Drilling

When involved in mining exploration projects in the UK, Claire used her extensive experience to plan and guide our public relations in what could have been sensitive situations. She worked with the client company for authorisations and to ensure positive coverage of the projects across a range of media. With our projects abroad, Claire also helped inform our community programme to ensure the ... [More]

Meridian completes work on Hemerdon Project

When Meridian Drilling took on its recent UK project at the Wolf Minerals tungsten and tin mine near Hemerdon in Devon, it drew on experience gained through projects in Europe and active mine sites in Africa. The contract, at the Drakelands Mine Project, saw Meridian drilling 1,200m comprising of six 200m holes, to conduct a geotechnical assessment of the pit wall stability. Jeremy Moore, MD ... [More]

Cornwall contract provides fresh challenge for Meridian Drilling

Working in extreme weather conditions is par for the course for Meridian Drilling, but when it came to starting a contract closer to home, the UK-headquartered company had to overcome a brand new set of environmental challenges. Meridian Drilling’s latest project is working with Treliver Minerals on a project near St Columb, Cornwall to explore for tin. The contract will see Meridian ... [More]

Meridian Drilling completes landmark Allana Potash project

UK and Dubai headquartered Meridian Drilling is looking forward to fresh challenges after concluding its four-year involvement with the Allana Potash project in Ethiopia. The project saw Meridian Drilling complete 25,000 metres of drilling; operating two Atlas Copco CS14 wireline drilling rigs for 24 hours a day in the harsh and remote Danakil Depression. Starting in 2009, the contract was ... [More]

Double acquisition for fast growing Meridian Drilling

Fast growing Meridian Drilling has boosted its operations capabilities with the acquisition of Euro Repair (UK) Ltd and its Senegal-based brand EDS Drilling. The acquisition has added five Rotary Air Blast (RAB) aircore and light water well rigs to the Meridian Drilling fleet. In addition to the rigs there is an operating base in Senegal, with a yard and workshop near Kedougou in the Birimian ... [More]


Exploration drilling on the Sintoukola potash project wasn’t without its challenges for Meridian Drilling. Elemental Minerals’ ongoing project, in the Kouilou Province in the south west corner of the Republic of Congo is a high grade potash deposit of global significance. However, the nature of deposits at the site meant that it was not a straightforward drilling operation. In addition to ... [More]

Taking a global mining approach

Having a good reputation for working well in mining sites stands you in good stead. Jeremy Moore discusses running an international business and how having the right equipment can help make projects work better. As a drilling company headquartered in Bath, it at first seems incongruous that Meridian Drilling counts work in one of the remotest areas on the planet – the Danakil Depression in ... [More]

Meridian Drilling adds Ingersoll Rand T4W to its fleet

Fast expanding UK and Dubai based Meridian Drilling has added another new rig to its fleet – the second in as many months. The company, which has experience of working in 14 countries across three continents, has recently purchased an Ingersoll Rand T4W. A truck mounted medium capacity top drive water well rig, it is capable of drilling holes of up to 20 inches and handling 19 inch casing ... [More]

New rig for Meridian

Fast expanding UK and Dubai based Meridian Drilling has added a new rig to its fleet. The Beretta T44 rig will be deployed in Ethiopia, where it will be used on the potash project Meridian is working on – Allana’s potash project. The rig, which has adjustable tracks for restricted access and a silenced engine, has a rotation speed of 0 – 352rpm and a drilling diameter of 258mm. During ... [More]

Experience goes a long way

Cominico Resource’s Hinda Project in the Congo Brazzaville is set to be one of the largest phosphate mines in the world. So, when they were seeking a drilling company to further their pre-feasibility study on the site, Cominco was looking for experience and efficiency, as well as competitive pricing – attributes they found with Meridian Drilling. The task was to drill wells large diameter ... [More]