What is PR?

PR is often used interchangeably with marketing, advertising and is, paradoxically, often misunderstood. While academics, PR gurus and institutions have highly considered descriptions, this vivid explanation attributed to American author S. H. Simmons, sums it up quite nicely.   “If a young man tells his date how handsome, smart and successful he is – that’s advertising. If the young ... [More]

The business advantage every SME has over corporate goliaths

This weekend means yet another children’s party and yet another weekday lunchtime dash to get a gift. Usually this means a ‘grab what I can’ at the supermarket while picking up the office milk. This week I did something different… I went to the local toyshop. What a different experience! I was sorted with an age appropriate gift, wrapping and a card with the right number on it in five minutes ... [More]