Cambrian Credit Union

Claire has helped build our public relations strategy from social media to local press and stakeholder management. We held a very successful campaign for International Credit Union Day in 2015, which achieved cross party support and helped bring on board a celebrity patron. Claire’s contacts with local media, inside knowledge of how reporters think and understanding of the online and offline media ... [More]

Baa Stool/ North Wales Upholstery

Claire helped me to devise a marketing plan and taught me how to make social media work for my business in a time effective way. Her guidance has resulted in a marked increase in customer engagement leading to sales.  She has also given me some fantastic ideas on how to promote my business to the media going forward. Michelle Bartleet-Greavy ... [More]

When Twitter campaigns go wrong

Social media is a very useful and powerful tool. Used both personally and in the world of business, it brings friends, clients, competitors and foes together in extreme proximity (I found out what my neighbour was having for tea and desert last night – thanks for that Twitter!) For businesses it can be a great way of advertising new products or services – and it’s all free! Stats from ... [More]

What is it really like being a journalist?

There is a wonderful, romantic myth about journalism that persists. It involves well-seasoned (and possibly oiled) reporters sitting around in bars, spending endless hours speaking to contacts in order to ferret out a gem of a story. It may have been true once (if so, sadly I missed this golden age) but today’s journalists are a different breed. They have deadlines, and lots of them, in fact ... [More]

Social media: The Emperor’s New Clothes?

I was speaking to some successful business owners this week who confessed that while their company had social media channels, they had no idea what benefits they were getting from them. They were pretty well convinced the whole thing was a waste of time, but felt they had to be seen to be involved, because everyone else was. It al sounded a bit like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. I ... [More]